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Recent News // News Release: Nevada Broadband Task Force, Connect Nevada Release State Broadband Action Plan

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Plan highlights goals, action items for continued broadband adoption, access, use

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Carson City, NV – The Nevada Broadband Task Force, in collaboration with Connect Nevada, has developed a comprehensive statewide broadband action plan. The plan is being released today in conjunction with the Nevada Association of Counties annual meeting in Ely, Nevada.

Connect Nevada’s data show that 1 in 5 Nevada households still do not subscribe to broadband but 95.25% of homes can access speeds of 10 Mbps/1.5 Mbps or higher. This plan calls for a continued commitment to broadband adoption, access, and use across the state including the creation of an “Office of Broadband Coordination,” which was identified as the top priority by the Task Force and other stakeholders.

“The statewide broadband action plan is an important step in fulfilling Governor Sandoval's intent to continue to drive investment in broadband technology that fast-tracks job growth and provides a platform for spurring innovation across our state," said Daphne DeLeon, chair of the Nevada Broadband Task Force.

The statewide broadband action plan culminated after four years of statewide and local efforts to improve broadband availability, adoption, and use. However, while the plan highlights key successes, it also identifies essential action items to continue improving broadband in Nevada.

One of these essential objectives is the creation of an Office of Broadband Coordination, which would help:

  • Identify and help secure federal and other funding for access, adoption, and use projects (such as federal grants).

  • Establish expectations for broadband service in the state.

  • Help eliminate redundancies in state governance regarding broadband.

  • Help transition state government to VoIP and other broadband-enabled technology.

  • Develop state consortium buying policies that will facilitate broadband investment and lower costs.

  • Help ensure that state policy works closely with federal broadband policy initiatives, such as the Connect America Fund and Mobility Fund.

Additionally, the state broadband action plan outlines additional state policy recommendations into four categories, with each featuring specific action items. These categories include:

  • Implementation and Governance of Nevada Broadband Policy

  • Improvement of Broadband Infrastructure Access in Nevada

  • Accelerating Broadband Adoption Among Nevada Consumers and Businesses

  • Increasing Broadband Utilization in Nevada Among Key Societal Sectors

To see the specific actions items, explore the plan on the Connect Nevada website.

In authoring the plan, Connect Nevada hosted more than 75 high-level stakeholders and hosted two, day-long workshops to identify opportunities for continued broadband growth and develop action items dedicated to improvement. Attendees discussed sector and geographic challenges preventing broadband availability, adoption, and use. Then, brainstorming sessions were held in an effort to develop solutions to those challenges.

After the workshops, recommendations were aggregated and circulated to stakeholders, who were then asked to rank and vote on the importance and potential impact of the proposed statewide initiatives.

Nevadans have witnessed significant improvements in broadband infrastructure and use across Nevada over the last four years,” said Brent Legg, interim executive director of Connect Nevada. “However, we also know that much work is left to be done. The priorities outlined in this plan provide a clear path for the continued growth of broadband services and programs throughout the state. Such growth is imperative and is directly tied to Nevada’s economic future.”

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About Connect Nevada: The Governor’s Office and the Nevada Broadband Task Force are leading the initiative to increase broadband Internet access and information about availability throughout Nevada and to ensure sustainability. Connect Nevada is a non-profit organization that was commissioned by the state to work with all Nevada broadband providers to create detailed maps of broadband coverage in order to accurately pinpoint remaining gaps in broadband availability as well as to coordinate efforts with other federal grant award recipients in the state. Connect Nevada is now supporting the development of a statewide plan for the deployment and adoption of broadband. The goal is to spread high-speed Internet across the state and to make sure all Nevada residents have access to its life-changing benefits. For more information visit:
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