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Nevada Broadband Task Force, Connect Nevada Release State Broadband Action Plan

By CNV Staff

Today, the Nevada Broadband Task Force, in conjunction with Connect Nevada, has released its comprehensive statewide broadband action plan. This plan calls for a continued commitment to broadband adoption, access, and use across the state including the creation of an “Office of Broadband Coordination,” which was identified as the top priority by the Task Force and other stakeholders.

This office would help:

  • Identify and help secure federal and other funding for access, adoption, and use projects (such as federal grants).

  • Establish expectations for broadband service in the state.

  • Help eliminate redundancies in state governance regarding broadband.

  • Help transition state government to VoIP and other broadband-enabled technology.

  • Develop state consortium buying policies that will facilitate broadband investment and lower costs.

  • Help ensure that state policy works closely with federal broadband policy initiatives, such as the Connect America Fund and Mobility Fund.

The plan also includes other state policy recommendations, broken down into four areas of focus.

To learn more about this plan, visit or read the press release. 



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