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2013 Broadband Summit

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Broadband Hero Award recipients at 2013 Nevada Broadband Summit

2013 Nevada Broadband Summit

Learning in the Digital Space

November 18, 2013
Reno, NV
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Summit Documents:

Education is taking the spotlight for Nevada's 3rd annual Nevada Broadband Summit!

Learning in the Digital Space was held on November 18, 2013, in Reno at the University of Nevada - Reno.
Hosted by Connect Nevada and the Nevada Broadband Task Force, the Summit was designed to promote access, adoption, and use of broadband in education. The Summit held a dynamic discussion on how educators, students, and administrators are integrating technology into the classroom and leveraging broadband to bring equal access to students across the globe.
The goal of the Summit was to demonstrate the successful implementation of technology in the classroom (K-12 and higher education) and the impact of broadband in the educational space. The Summit also nurtured collaboration in an effort to help educational leaders in technology implementation for the betterment of education in Nevada.
Interested in sponsoring or learning more about the Summit? Contact Connect Nevada at [email protected]

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