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Blog // Connect Nevada

AT&T expands 4G LTE coverage in Reno

By CNV Staff

Contributor:  Kristina Silla AT&T Wireless has expanded 4G LTE coverage in Reno! Coverage now includes parts along I-80 connection and Spanish Springs. LTE technology delivers mobile Internet up 4-10 times faster than 3G. 4G stands for Forth Generation of Cellular Communications. The obvious benefit of 4G is that you are able to do things faster and are able to consume more media. According to AT&T, their 4G has a faster response time, “LTE technology offers lower latency, or the processing time it takes to move data through a network, such as how long it takes to start downloading a webpage or file once you've sent the request...

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FCC’s Lifeline Broadband Pilots Test Strategies for Promoting Broadband Adoption among Low-Income Americans

By Connected Nation

This month Connected Nation is raising awareness about digital learning programs and partners across the country. Today’s blog is shining a spotlight on the FCC Lifeline Broadband Pilot program which launched last week. These pilots are underway in several states to test how best to increase adoption of high-speed Internet among low-income Americans, a group with strikingly low adoption levels. The FCC established the Lifeline broadband pilot program last year as a competitive selection program for projects to gather data regarding what programs would result in higher adoption rates among low-income consumers.  Connected Nation is...

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U.S. Senate passes Farm Bill; Broadband Access an Economic Development Priority

By Phillip Brown

Rural gigabit broadband pilot program and other amendments underscore importance of accurate and verified broadband mapping data Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013, S. 954, by a vote of 66 – 27.  The Senate Farm Bill is the latest iteration of an omnibus authorization bill that is known as the “Farm Bill” that is reauthorized by Congress every five years. The bill approved by the Senate yesterday would invest nearly $955 billion over the next ten years, and Title VI would continue support for rural economic development and infrastructure improvements, including notable changes to the...

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President Obama to Propose ConnectED Initiative – Substantial Funds for Upgrading School and Library Broadband Capacity

By Tom Koutsky

Today, President Obama will call on the Federal Communications Commission to ramp up its $2.3 billion per year E-Rate program to meet the ever-increasing needs of students, teachers, librarians, and learners for broadband capacity at our nation’s schools and libraries. The ConnectED initiative has the goal of ensuring that 99% of public schools in the United States will have access to a minimum of 100 Mbps broadband connections within five years and the initiative will establish Gigabit connectivity as a goal. ConnectED is characterized as a one-time capital injection into broadband infrastructure for these community institutions. In...

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