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Blog // Connect Nevada

New Technology Stirs Passion for Learning in Esmeralda County

By Jeremy Thacker

Students and teachers are enjoying an increased passion for learning thanks to new technology being used in the Esmeralda County School District! iPads and iPod Touch devices are now in the hands of every single student in the district and teacher John Scates says they’re making a big impact. “We are a rural school district with small class sizes and have multi-grade classrooms. iPads help students develop their independence because it’s possible for nearly all students to operate with little instruction. This is very helpful teaching important skills, such as math facts. And student engagement is much higherusing the iPad than using pencil...

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WNDD/SET region Network Map now available

By Jeremy Thacker

From: Michael Guss, Western Nevada Development District Program Manager The Network Map report for the WNDD/SET region is now available! The report was written by Juliet Fox and David Beurle. This mapping exercise showed us where regional collaboration exists and where it could be improved upon. We hope that the SET Regional Team in the WNDD region will find this a useful tool to aid with the implementation of the SET Regional Blueprint. The survey was sent to 185 people and 118 responses were received. This is a 67% response rate. The survey was originally done for an eight county region that did not include Washoe County. Since the survey...

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Educating Nevada at high-speed through GIS

By CNV Staff

Contributor: Ashley Hitt, GIS Services Manager September is Education Month at Connected Nation. In addition to objectives of expanding broadband and technology awareness and adoption throughout local communities, CN is also working to enhance knowledge and broadband connectivity in schools. Part of a growing trend in education at all levels is an increase in teaching Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to students to provide a better understanding of the world around them. With nearly two out of three jobs requiring at least some college education by 2018, advances in technology and geospatial analysis will continue to accelerate;...

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September is Education Month at Connected Nation!

By Dev Joshi

By 2018, nearly two out of three jobs will require at least some college education. Online classes are helping address this need by empowering millions of adults to further their educations. Connected Nation’s 2011 Residential Technology Assessments found that more than two out of five adult Internet users (44%) go online to take classes or conduct research for school (known as “e-learning”). If this number is extrapolated to the entire country, this translates to more than 84 million adults that access the Internet for e-learning. In addition, e-learners tend to be younger, have higher annual household incomes, and are more...

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