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Blog // Connect Nevada

FCC Releases Broadband and Health Interactive Mapping Tool

By Amanda Murphy

The Federal Communications Commission’s Connect2Health Task Force has launched a broadband and health interactive map. The new tool, titled Mapping Broadband Health in America, allows users to analyze broadband and health data visually, and at a national, state, and county level. The map is intended for use by both public and private sectors, and local communities, as a tool to drive discussion, to identify opportunities and gaps in connectivity and health care, and to assist broadband health policies and digital health solutions. Users have the ability to generate customized maps that display broadband access, adoption, and speeds along...

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Nevada Marks National Broadband Map 2-Year Anniversary

By CNV Staff

February 17, 2013, marked the two-year anniversary of the National Broadband Map (NBM), a tool to search, analyze, and map broadband availability across the United States. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) created and maintains the NBM, populating it with broadband datasets collected and submitted by states and territories for the State Broadband Initiative (SBI) grant program. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also been contributing to the development and update of the NBM. The continued update and use of the NBM for economic development, federal policy, broadband expansion, as well as local...

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Educating Nevada at high-speed through GIS

By CNV Staff

Contributor: Ashley Hitt, GIS Services Manager September is Education Month at Connected Nation. In addition to objectives of expanding broadband and technology awareness and adoption throughout local communities, CN is also working to enhance knowledge and broadband connectivity in schools. Part of a growing trend in education at all levels is an increase in teaching Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to students to provide a better understanding of the world around them. With nearly two out of three jobs requiring at least some college education by 2018, advances in technology and geospatial analysis will continue to accelerate;...

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Nevada Broadband Maps Could Play Future Olympic Role

By Jeremy Thacker

Nevada is exploring the idea of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympic Games and the state’s broadband maps could prove an important piece of the bidding puzzle! Nevada and California recently joined forces to create an official Lake Tahoe Winter Games Exploratory Committee for the 2026 games. The idea is to bring the international event to the Tahoe area. But, to do that, the committee has to know that the region can be ready to host all the needs the Olympic games would require. With that in mind, Nevada and California representatives recently joined forces to create an official Lake Tahoe Basin Broadband Task Force after a presentation by...

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