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Broadband Task Force

On July 15th 2009, the Nevada Broadband Task Force was created by executive order. Connect Nevada serves as a primary consultant to the Task Force as it carries out its mission.

Task Force Membership: According to the Executive Order, the Nevada Broadband Task Force shall consist of 11 members appointed by the Governor of Nevada. The Governor shall also appoint one member as chairman. Members of the task force will be appointed from the following areas: Office of Science and Technology, Department of Education, Department of Transportation, Nevada System of Higher Education, Enterprise IT Services, rural community anchor institutions, energy sector, data and IT industry, telecommunications industry, local government, and Department of Emergency Management.

Task Force Responsibilities: According to the Executive Order, the Task Force will work to identify and remove barriers to broadband access and identify opportunities for increased broadband applications and adoption in unserved and underserved areas of Nevada. The Task Force shall also oversee all necessary duties and responsibilities to reach the goal to expand broadband technology including the application of federal funding/grants, education technology preparedness, mapping and data management.

Task Force Members:




Britta Kuhn


Office of Science Innovation and Technology

Kim Vidoni


Nevada Department of Education

Denise Inda


Nevada Department of Transportation

Ed Anderson


Nevada System of Higher Education

Shannon Rahming


Nevada Enterprise IT Services

Todd Radke


Rural Community Anchor Institutions

Kevin Judice

NV Energy

Energy Sector

Steve Gutierrez


Data Center and IT Industry

Randy Brown


Telecommunications Industry

Jeff Fontaine


Local Government

Caleb Cage

Homeland Security

Nevada Division of Emergency Management