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Whitepaper: How FirstNet Can Better Prepare the U.S. for Crisis Response

By Amanda Murphy

A white paper released this week by Mutualink details how FirstNet will assist in preparing the U.S. for future crisis situations. The paper, titled Lessons Learned from Global Attacks: How FirstNet Can Better Prepare the U.S. for Crisis Response, uses research from large-scale crisis events around the world to determine patterns. These patterns revealed recurring problems hindering first responders and include communication breakdowns among responding agencies, overcrowded cellular networks, and a lack of real-time information sharing at the scene. The paper highlights 3 items that first responders need from FirstNet:

·       Interoperability without giving up control

·       Ad hoc Sharing Model—media and data sharing securely in groups

·       Always-available interoperability


Find out more by accessing the whitepaper.

Read more about the report and Mutualink.


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