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Wearable Tech for First Responders

By Amanda Murphy

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate supports research and development of wearable technology for first responders through its EMERGE program. This collaborative effort includes DHS partnering with emergency responders to identify capabilities and innovative companies to fulfill those needs.

In its second year, EMERGE 2016 is bringing together 10 startups in a common effort to deliver the latest innovative wearable technologies. The startups will have the opportunity to receive feedback directly from first responders, industry professionals, and business leaders to assist in getting their products to market. Some of the technology from the 10 selected startups includes:

  • Software that integrates location and biometric data from devices to provide personnel tracking, two-way text communication, and video sharing
  • Smart clothing that uses LED lighting and connectivity to improve visibility of workers
  • Durable, low-cost inflatable solar lamps that can be easily stored and deployed
  • Software that leverages biometric and situational data from wearable devices to build a long-term health profile of workers exposed to health-compromising environments
  • Cloud-enabled wearable cameras and heads-up displays that provide real-time facial recognition.

Read more about EMERGE 2016 here.


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