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Mobile Data and Social Media’s Importance for First Responders

By Amanda Murphy

The immediacy that social media and handheld Internet access provides can be quite helpful in public safety situations. First responders often use mobile data for real-time information for themselves, as well as to share public safety information with the public as quickly as possible. Technology even allows for live feeds from an incident, giving citizens the most current information possible.

FirstNet has published a video interview with Sonny Saghera, Public Information Officer with Heartland Fire and Rescue. Saghera explains how quick access to information is vital for fire and rescue personnel.   He states, “In order for us to get a message out timely, [technology] allows us to control that message, to own that message and we can get the right message out to the right people at the right time.  That’s the main goal of what we want to do: keep them informed of anything emergency wise, any preparedness that they need to do, or any upcoming community events.”

“There’s certain incidences where we need to look things up with our smart phones…that’s going to help us in our job,” states Saghera in the video. “I just see that technology developing and we need to stay on top of it.” 

Watch the Video


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