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FirstNet’s Band Class 14 Tested in Emergency Scenarios

By Amanda Murphy

Public safety professionals in Beavercreek Township, Ohio, recently conducted simulated emergency drills to test FirstNet’s new Band Class 14 network. The testing was part of a week-long training exercise and made possible by collaboration between Greene County and state of Ohio officials.

Ten Band Class 14-ready XP7 smartphones were provided by Sonim Technologies, which offers a smartphone enabled with broadband on both the FirstNet Band Class 14-spectrum and on commercial mobile networks. Five emergency scenarios were acted out, including a hazmat spill, a missing person, and a missing police officer. The drills took place under extreme conditions, such as wooded terrain and exposure to hazardous materials.

The exercise allowed for simulated testing of FirstNet’s network, a nationwide public safety broadband network being constructed to enhance first responder communication and save time in emergency situations.

OhioFirst.Net Program Manager Kelly Castle shared this about the event: “With an ability to stream video, push data, and augment communications over existing LMR networks, Sonim's handsets allowed our first responders to harness the power of FirstNet's LTE network."

To learn more about this FirstNet Band Class 14 testing event, read the press release


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